Life In Film interviewed at Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013

Between Deaf Havana and Peyote, these boys stood out with an eclectic charm, and a prelim to their set saw them express it whilst slouching on chairs and drinking all the beer. 

When Life In Film’s drummer, Micky, told me that they had signed to Sony last year, I rudely laughed in his face. Champagne and the free beer did contribute to my outlandish journalism skills that evening, but it was also the sarcastic nature of their humour that had me puzzled, not knowing what was true or false from the beginning of the conversation.

K: So are you guys signed at the moment?

M: Yeah man. We signed to Sony last year.

K: Hahaha… hahaha… don’t lie to me, Micky.

M: No, seriously, we signed like last summer or something. We’ve been really lucky, getting signed by a big label so quickly.

K: Hahahaha… I can see it in your eyes, boy! You guys ain’t signed to Sony! Hahaha, what a bunch of jokers!

M: Whatever man, but we ARE signed to Sony, y’know…

K: Oh (unsure if telling the truth or joke). Well, that’s cool. What are you guys doing at the moment? 

Dominic (bass): We’re on tour at the moment, like, all over the country. It’s only an April thing, but it’s going good.

K: Awesome. Is Shoreditch Fashion Show a type of event you’ve played before? And is it part of the tour?

D: No, we didn’t really hype it up because it’s not a headline thing or anything. It’s a fucking fashion show, and it’s not part of the tour.

Edward (guitar): We don’t usually play things like this. We think it’s a great idea, and merging artistic performances is cool, like the models walking around the bands. But to be honest, this is something pretty new for us.

D: We didn’t promote our set because it’s not our thing. Not our night.

K: Understandable. Are you guys enjoying it so far?

E: Yeah it’s good. We’ve just been chilling in the green room with this strange Italian woman.

As soon as he says it, she comes over and sits down next us. ‘Are you in the band?!?!?’, she screams in my face. ‘No. I’m a music journalist, and this is an interview’, I reply.

‘OOOOHHHHHhhhhhh coooooolllllll. Verry coooooooollll’, the haggard hair stylist exclaims. ‘Whatever. Do you mind?’

I did feel a little sorry for the lady. She had been in that green room all day slaving away at every millimetre of hair that was presented to her for styling. Don’t really remember much after that. It was fun to just sit down and be one of those musos chillin’ with the band and stealing all their beers. Time flies when you’re having fun, eh?

K: What are your plans for the future?

E: I think we’re just going to write more songs, do these shows and see what happens next.

Someone said something about an album, but it might not have been anything to do with Life In Film. It was bad how unprofessional I was, but who cares? It was all about the fashion that night, darling. They weren’t digging the whole interview thing anyway, so I didn’t really engage in the one I was conducting. Not in a bad way. It was more of a conversation that I noted down to be honest. Fuck it. Fuck interviews anyway.

All I know is that in the last couple of months, when Micky’s girlfriend falls asleep at night, he stays up watching 90s skate videos produced by the likes of Toy Machine and Zero… rad! Juice! 


Visit ÖffBeat here and check out the photos! 


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